VCare Platforms

VCare is the leading cloud-based solution for Residential Aged Care and Disabilities organisations.

VCare is available via desktop, mobile and browsers. Browser and mobile applications mean users can access VCare from anywhere
and at any time enabling better outcomes for your residents.

VCare comprehensively manages all information about residents throughout their journey with your organisation including sales and marketing, Care, contracts, services, activities, billing and reporting.

Mobile Application

The VCare Any-ware Application enables carers, nurses and other clinical staff to access resident care plans, assessments, events, notes, observations and resulting triggers from the devices in the palm of their hand.

The VCare Any-ware mobile applications include:

  • Observations
  • Assessments
  • Events
  • Maintenance

Browser Applications

VCare understands your business needs and works with you to deliver the best outcomes for residents and the business.

Browser and mobile applications mean users can access VCare from anywhere at anytime.

Role specific functionality include:

  • Sales
  • Activities
  • Resident Care
  • Management Dashboard

Full Desktop VCare

VCare desktop allows comprehensive details to be recorded, providing a complete picture of both a residents history and their current and future needs.

Your staff will benefit from a reduction in time-consuming record keeping activities, providing them with more time to manage their workload.

  • Occupancy and People
  • Care
  • Billing, Reporting and Dashboards
  • Integration with other platforms 
  • And much more

VCare Kiosk

VCare Kiosk gives your care staff the ability to view all care related items quickly and easily. This simple interface is easy to learn and navigate through, meaning that your team can spend time on the things that matter – your residents.

With VCare Kiosk you can enter and view:

  • Care Plans
  • Assessments
  • Progress Notes
  • And much more