Bartra Healthcare


Bartra Healthcare is currently comprised of 3 large state of the art, purpose built healthcare facilities in North Dublin. Bartra Healthcare offer residential care for older people as well as step down care for patients transitioning from acute services. During the expansion of Bartra Healthcare’s services, they
experienced some frustrations with their software solution. It was because of this that they decided to explore the market for other providers. From meeting with the VCare team, it was evident that their knowledge of the industry, flexibility and the adaptability of the system would be of huge benefit to Bartra Healthcare and would provide them with crucial information that hadn’t been possible before now.

The Challenges

Prior to implementing VCare as the group wide electronic resident and patient record system, Bartra Healthcare had been utilising the service of a different software provider. Angela Ring, Chief Operations Officer explained that this came with some challenges due to the “lack of customisation, and functionality.” Bartra Healthcare’s provision of a wide range of care levels means that they require lots of different data sets to be collected and analysed. The use of VCare’s dashboards and reporting function has been vital in making it simple to get detail out of the system.

The Solution

Bartra Healthcare made the decision that VCare was the solution that best suited their needs from a practical and operational perspective. This was due to how straightforward it was for care staff to use, and how efficient and effective it was in providing management with a detailed overview of the quality of care being provided. “VCare is very intuitive, our nursing and care staff like it. I think the key to VCare is that it’s adaptable. Our facilities offer different types of care, with some offering multiple care levels, and without VCare supporting us, this wouldn’t have been possible. We asked for different features to be added, taken away and adapted and I think it is now working at a high level. VCare have worked with us on a daily basis to get us to where we need to be. They have consistently adapted with us even at short notice and at unsociable times.”

The Results

Once the VCare system was fully customised and functioning to suit their needs, it proved an invaluable asset to the day to day lives of the staff and in turn the residents and patients at Bartra Healthcare. VCare offers a wide range of features and functionality that is up to date and in line with current HIQA compliance.

Angela is confident that the relationship between VCare and Bartra Healthcare will continue to grow as the organisation expands. When asked about the provision of service to date she concluded with “I would rate the system and service overall as extremely high. The product itself is great but it’s the people of VCare and how supportive they are that is what impresses us most. I would recommend VCare to any other organisation in this industry”.