VCare Functionality

VCare® is an electronic way of meeting all of your care and support planning requirements practically, efficiently and in line with best practice and regulatory requirements.

The system stores all resident/service user files centrally, accessible via a desktop or mobile app. This allows for a reduction in time-consuming record keeping activities, providing your staff with more time to do what they do best, care for their residents.

VCare® Platforms

VCare® is available via desktop  and browser applications. Browser applications mean users can access VCare from anywhere and at any time enabling better outcomes for your residents.

VCare® platforms include:

  • Browser Applications
  • VCare® Kiosk
  • Full Desktop VCare®

Care Management

Comprehensive and easy to use, VCare’s care functionality will increase the quality of care provided to your residents.

The solution will provide you with:

  • Assessments & Measurements
  • Charts and observations
  • Relationships & contact information
  • Checklists
  • Task assignment to job roles
  • Daily care monitoring
  • Admissions Management
  • Progress Notes Automated
  • Automated Transfer Letter
  • Residents Record
  • Evidence-based care plans
  • Triggers and Alerts

Admin, Sales and Marketing


The Admin, Sales & Marketing features are designed to give you more control and management of your facility.

  • Prospect management
  • Waiting lists
  • Holds
  • Documents
  • Accounts Integration

Governance and Oversight


VCare is tailored to your organisational structures and processes so your mandatory reports and key performance indicators are available at a click of a button. The key to good decision making is accurate and up to date information.

  • Evidence Based Assessments and Care Plans
  • Evidence Based triggers and Checklists
  • Reporting Functions
  • Audit Logs
  • Dashboards

Incidents, Complaints and Compliments


VCare® keeps track of all the vital data on your resident and the care they receive. VCare® functionality includes:

  • Checklist of tasks
  • Task assignment
  • Reports
  • Event monitoring

Finance and Billing



Dramatically reduce the time needed for invoicing and improve accounts management. Functionality includes:

  • Invoicing
  • Funding
  • Batch lists
  • Comfort Accounts
  • Services

Medication Management



Dramatically reduce the time needed for medication management. VCare® medication management functionality includes:

  • Links with medication management systems
  • Automatic updates to resident record
  • Pushes resident demographics to medication management systems to speed up set-up times




VCare is a secure system with management of access to the server environment where the solution is held. Information is protected by:

  • Auto log off
  • Function and role based security model
  • Password control
  • Activity logging
  • Hosting in line GDPR requirements and international best practice techniques