What is VCare?


VCare is an intuitive software solution for Nursing Home providers. It will help you meet all your care planning, support planning and resident/service user recording requirements practically and in line with regulation and best practice. VCare saves you time, supports HIQA Compliance, provides evidence-based care and support plans, assessments and is exceptionally user-friendly.

Who Is VCare for?

VCare is an extensive care and support planning software solution suitable for nursing homes, disability services and home/community care.

Nursing Home

VCare is the intuitive, cost-effective software designed to meet the demands and regulatory requirements of the residential care industry in Ireland. VCare helps automate the development and implementation of care planning and effectively manage Resident Records.

Home and Community Care

VCare’s functionality allows it to adapt to the specific demands of the Home Care and Community Care industries. Mobile apps facilitate the recording of measurements, assessments, progress note, charts and observations while allowing users to view care plans on the go.

Disability Service

VCare provides a practical support planning solution for disability services that meets regulatory requirements and enhances the quality of support provided to the service user. The system is user-friendly and support plans are completely customisable to your needs.

Nursing Home Care Software | VCare Software - Ireland


  • Care Management
  • Medication Management
  • Audits & Reporting
  • Incidents, Complaints and Compliments
  • VCare App
  • Admin, Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Security


  • Saves Time
  • Ongoing Training
  • HIQA Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance
  • No Lost Paperwork
  • Evidence-Based Assessments
  • Accountability
  • 24 Hour Support

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