National Transfer Letter and Health Profile now available in VCare

The Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director in conjunction with University of Limerick and Nursing Homes Ireland have launched the National Transfer Document, for use when an older person is being transferred from residential to acute care settings.

VCare has added the Transfer Document and Health Profile to ensure our clients have the appropriate tools needed to effectively transfer residents to acute services. The new features in VCare will provide users with access to a prepopulated Transfer Document and Health Profile, which can be edited prior to completing the discharge event. All transfer letters that are printed will automatically be saved to the residents correspondence tab, to ensure a record is available if needed.

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  • Saves Times – Data from your resident record is loaded into the Transfer Letter Template and can be amended before printing or sharing.
  • Increases Accuracy – Data is loaded directly from VCare, eliminating the opportunity for transcribing errors
  • Improves the Resident Experience – Acute organisations are provided with all of the information required to ensure the resident’s hospitalisation process is fully informed

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