What is Governance?

Governance is the practical application of structures, processes and policies towards meeting organisational goals. Leadership, oversight, accountability, and quality improvement reporting & monitoring mechanisms are all key areas for consideration when striving to achieve good governance.

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VCare Governance          Benefits

Informs the decision-making process

Increases accountability

Attracts and retains staff

Creates a strong reputation

Improves patient / resident outcomes

VCare Governance Functionality

VCare is tailored to your organisational structures and processes

Evidence based assessments and care plans

Evidence based triggers and checklists

Reporting functions

Audit logs


Integration with other key software (Gillie.ai)

VCare are experts in interpreting Data

The VCare Team consists of experts In Nursing Care, Quality in Healthcare, Software Development and Design, System Support, Training and Education, Finance, Marketing and Administration.

When you become part of the VCare family your organisation enjoys access to this expertise. Our team regularly reviews international best practice, security standards, application functionality and user interface to ensure you maximise the return on your investment.


The key to good decision making is accurate and up to date information. VCare allows facilities to have a single source of truth so there is no confusion and everyone one has the same info.

Good governance requires good decision making and regular reflection. VCare software understands the importance of presenting key stakeholders with the relevant information to their roles in a timely and useful manner. Years of experience working in the aged care industry has resulted in VCare being in tune with the needs of nursing homes, both large and small. Suites of administration, care and finance reports allow users to effectively interpret the raw data while dashboards and extract reports provide oversight and interaction at a functional level.

Reporting devices

VCare Integrations

VCare integrates with a wide range of other systems to improve your overall governance function.

Benefits of these integrations for improving Governance 

  • Single Sign On reduces log in’s and ensures staff have access to all the relevant resident information, from one location 
  • Single source of truth eliminates conflicting data 
  • Ensures regular feedback from residents / family, which feeds the quality review process 
  • KPI’s and Management Reports are streamlined through feeds of data from multiple data collection systems  
  • AI systems provide added assurance that key care indicators are being identified and actioned in real time, promoting regular review and better resident outcomes 
VCare integrations

VCare understands your business needs and works with you

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