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5 reasons to go paperless with VCare

5 reasons to go paperless with VCare Residential Care facilities throughout Ireland are replacing their paper documentation and files with Electronic Management systems such as VCare. From accessing information at any time from any location to reducing costs, there are lots of reasons to go paperless — but many Residential care facilites are yet to make…

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Five ways VCare can help save you time in your Nursing Home

An extensive workload combined with a time poor environment results in residential care management contantly being on the lookout for more efficient ways of managing their facilities. If you’re looking for ways to improve productivitiy and increase efficicency, reduce time managing resident records, and provide the highest level of care implementing an residential software such as VCare

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On-Premise or Cloud Hosting : What is the best option for you?

On-Premise or Cloud Hosting : What is the best option for you? How does your business store their software?   On-premise or cloud hosting, what is the best option for you?  On-premise hosting refers to storing your software on infrastructure that is installed locally, on a company’s own computers and servers. Cloud hosting is the process of hosting your software offsite…

VCare’s commitment to supporting clients

VCare’s commitment to supporting clients    VCare is an extensive care and support planning software solution suitable for nursing homes, disability services and home/community care.  VCare understands that moving your content online, training your staff and keeping everything up to date can be daunting, but what VCare prides itself on is our constant communication and commitment to supporting clients whenever you need it.  Some of the examples…